Molly O’Malia, The Young Girl Who Caused Tyga’s Breakup, Was Texting Another Rapper & Lying About Her Age

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

College Candy¬†received a tip via email concerning Molly O’Malia, the 14-year-old aspiring model and musician who allegedly broke up Tyga and Kylie Jenner back in November. As you may know, O’Malia claims the rapper was targeting her on Instagram. Although they never met in person, his repeated attempts to contact her made her uncomfortable and¬†an OK Magazine article printed her blurry photo and resulted in negative attention for O’Malia.

Now, the tip sent in claims that Tyga wasn’t the only rapper O’Malia made contact with. A video complete with screenshots of conversations with rapper Bobo Norco shows O’Malia reaching out to Bobo Norco trying to get him to help her with “her music.” She also claims she’s 18 years old.

Check out the video and screenshots below.


The video looks pretty fishy to us, kind of like someone is desperate for some attention. Maybe someone like a rapper no one has ever heard of trying to get some attention off a young girl?

In a battle of unknowns looking for their 15 minutes of fame, we all lose.

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