Redditors Reveal Lies They Were Told As Children, Prove Parents Are Evil

funny lies told as children


The best thing about kids? They’ll believe literally anything you tell them. After all, adults are supposed to know everything and be really good at their jobs (at least that’s what I thought until I got to college – what a rude awakening to find out what we’re all kind of winging it).

I’m at the point where people my age are having kids and it’s not weird, which is weird in itself. I’m mainly concerned with what Netflix show to watch next, and they’re raising little humans. It can’t be easy, and I’m pretty sure even the greatest parents in the world have to twist the truth to get their kids to behave. I see nothing wrong with telling a little white lie so your kid stops throwing a tantrum in the middle of a restaurant.

Example: my sister used to tell my younger cousin that in every light was a camera. If he didn’t behave, a monster who was monitoring the cameras would get him. That kid would stare at the ceiling with the most petrified look on his face, but I think he’s over it now. I hope.

I thought that was pretty evil, but folks on Reddit had some rough childhoods. Posters took to a Ask Reddit thread that asked them to share some of the lies they were told (and totally believed) as children. The results? Hilarious.

Take notes, future parents.

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