WATCH: This Crossfitter Dances To “Single Ladies” & Lifts Like It’s NBD

Going to the gym can suck, but a motivational playlist can turn your run around. One song everybody should include on their Spotify workout playlist? “Single Ladies.”

Beyonce is your go-to for everything, but this song will definitely get you pumped. Especially if you’re this guy.

An Australian CrossFit athlete and Beyhive member named Khan Porter posted this video of him dancing along to Beyonce’s hit song and lifting a 264 pound barbell to his Instagram and Facebook pages. Instantly, the world went wild over his amazing routine.

Porter captioned his posts, “Because both [Channing Tatum] and I know that real men dance to [Beyoncé].”

Real men do dance to Beyonce. In fact, I may have to convince myself to start lifting to Beyonce songs from now on.

Check out Khan Porter’s impressive videos below.

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