A Teen Born With A Facial Defect Gets His Wish Of Going On A First Date

Somewhere out there is bound to love you.

A teenager born with a facial defect got his wish come true by going on a date. Lucas Hayward, a 19-year-old graphic designer from the United Kingdom, grew up bullied by his classmates because of his distinct appearance, often being called “The Elephant Man.” He was born with facial dysplasia, which affects the symmetry and structure of his face. One of Lucas’s biggest goals in life: to go on a date. Sounds simple, right?

And he’s got quite the charming personality, too. Lucas is a daredevil who enjoys surfing, scuba diving, and motor racing. However, talking to girls completely freaks him out. This partly due to his years of constant bullying. “I think the way that I look and the fact I’ve been teased for so many years… it makes me feel like I’m not worth it almost,” Lucas told The Daily Mail.

Lucas then signed up for the British TV show The Undateables, where he was matched with a 17-year-old named Alex. Alex is a straight A student who was also going on her first date. For their date, Lucas and Alex went an outdoor sports center and wore GoPros to capture the whole experience. Wish my first date was as exciting as theirs.

“Obviously he’s got a facial disfigurement but he looks cool,” Alex said on the show. “He’s funny, that’s what I look for in a guy.”

When Alex asked Lucas if he had a bucket list, Lucas replied, “I think the one thing I wanted to do was go on a date,” he said.

Aww – how adorable! I really hope this couple lasts.

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