Phi Kappa Psi At Nebraska Is Going To Be In Deep You-Know-What For A Leaked Video Branding A Pledge


University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Phi Kappa Psi is the latest frat to be stupid in more ways than one. First off, they branded a freshman pledge on the ass with the fraternity’s letters. Secondly, they filmed it. Of course, said video is now making its way around the Internet.

The video, which was posted in May 2014 but is just now getting attention, shows at least two people leaning on the back of a freshman laying face down on a hardwood floor while another person brands the Greek letters “Phi Kappa Psi” into his left ass cheek.

Here’s what everybody is freaking out about.

[protected-iframe id=”57871ca15738d15a5087066c5523e693-860993-72706361″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

Um, OW.

The freshman Phi Psi pledge is visibly upset at the end of the six-second video, and rightfully so. Who the hell wants to get branded like cattle while everyone around you takes videos and photos?

UNL spokesman Steve Smith said in a statement that neither the person who was the subject of the video nor the individual who posted it are currently enrolled at UNL.

Phi Kappa Psi president Charlie Costa said the fraternity has never made freshmen brand themselves, and the people in the video participated in the branding voluntarily.

A commenter on TFM also said it was a voluntary act. “I’m a UNL Phi Psi alum. He was active at the time, and it was voluntary and off campus. He no longer goes to UNL and is no longer affiliated with Phi Psi,” he wrote.

College kids, Greek or not, I don’t give a crap what stupid things you choose to do. But for your own damn sake, stop filming this sh*t.

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