10 Social Media Resolutions To Make For 2016 (Unless You Want To Get Blocked)

social media resolutions


It’s official two years into the new year, so you’ve probably already given up on your resolution to hit the gym every day (or at least have started thinking about calling it quits). Luckily, January 1 isn’t the only time to start a resolution, and we have some ideas that don’t even include a treadmill.

We’re all addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever other social media apps the kids are using these days. However, we all have those people that feel compelled to spill every detail of their lives on the sites, from what they ate for lunch to who they’re voting for. Don’t be that person.

Here’s a few ways to keep your posts from getting annoying, and maybe even help you enjoy social media more.

1. Keep The Political Rants To A Minimum

Your witty tweets during the debate are welcomed and you can probably get away with the occasional (actually comical) meme on Instagram, but unless you want everyone you know to hide you from their timeline, that 1,000-word rant on why you hate Donald Trump can stay off Facebook, please and thank you. I know it’s an election year and it’s lovely that you care so much, but no one is going to change their vote thanks to your social media novel.

2. Do Not Ever Post TV/Movie Spoilers

It’s 2016 – who actually watches a show as it airs? But really, it was lovely to find out that Beth on The Walking Dead died when a (former) friend posted a photo of Daryl carrying her limp body as I scrolled through Instagram.

3. Cool It With The Selfies

I get it – once in a while, your winged eyeliner comes out really well and you have to document it. I also know, from experience, that this doesn’t happen very often. Unless there’s a tiger in the background or you got a Mike Tyson tattoo on your face, follow the “One Selfie Per Week” rule. Even then, you’re pushing it.

4. Put Your Phone Away At Concerts & Events

Remember when this photo from the premiere of Black Mass was released?

John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Granny is the only one taking everything in.

I love having photos to look back on, but I promise you that your iPhone 6 isn’t getting the greatest photo of the Eiffel Tower ever. Instead of wasting your time while traveling or attending events like concerts trying to get an Insta-worthy pic. Take photos of friends and with cool scenes, but leave it to the professionals to capture Taylor Swift in action or Cinderella’s castle during the fireworks.

5. Set Limits For Yourself

How many times have you crawled into bed ready for a full night’s sleep only to spend an hour scrolling through Twitter? As soon as you get in bed, turn on your alarm, set it on silent mode, and put the phone away. Don’t touch it until morning. All of a sudden, you’re getting full night’s rest and not stressing over your ex’s new girlfriend right before turning your brain off for the night.

Whether you’re limiting it to five tweets per week or an hour of social media per day, you’ll thank yourself for looking up.

6. Stop Complaining

We all have to do laundry too. We don’t feel bad for ya.

7. Stop Sub-Tweeting

Are you in middle school?

8. Keep Your Snapchat Stories To 40 Seconds Or Less

Unless you’re bungee jumping with Jesus, there’s nothing you’re doing that’s worth me spending 155 seconds on. Especially not when the entirety of your post is just you screaming at a nightclub. Awesome…

9. Brag (A Little)

You finally reached your goal jean size or got to meet Justin Timberlake in person. No one is going to hate on you for sharing your accomplishments, big or small. Isn’t that what social media is for anyway?

10. Take A Break From Social Media Once In A While

Legend has it that my friend’s cousin’s roommate apparently went without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for an entire day. He’s still alive…no one even thought he died. In 2016, take a few days to hit the beach with a book instead of your phone. You might even like it.

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