What Exactly Is The New ‘Peach’ App?

Just when you thought there was enough social media sites in the world, a new app has come out and is making waves on the scene.

“Peach” is a new app developed by Vine creator Dom Hoffman that launched on January 7 and quickly picked up some buzz on Twitter over the weekend. Basically, the app is a combination of Snapchat and Twitter. Users make an account and then add their friends. Once you add your friends, they will appear on your timeline, similar to Twitter. When you click on their name, you can see their full post. Okay…so what?

Before you say, “This app sounds boring,” here’s what makes Peach stand out.

You have the ability to use GIFs in your post. There are also other posting options such as “Shout” (which allows you to say something with big words), “Draw” (which allows you to doodle on the screen), and “Here” (which allows you to share where you are).

Other options include a search function, a link sharing system that allows you to open a song from either your Spotify or Apple Music account (if the song can be identified or found), a ‘lightbulb’ that gives you ideas on what to post, and a revival of the “Facebook poke” that allows users to wave, boop, blow a kiss, hiss, or give a piece of cake to one of their friends.

Unlike Twitter, though, apparently Peach has no character limit and the ability for the post to be edited, kinda like Facebook.

There are only two downsides to Peach, however. The first is the lack of a continuous social feed. According to The New York Times, “The app shows when friends have posted something, more or less chronologically, but users must click into the friend’s stream to view it.” The second is the difficulty of finding friends if you don’t have them in your contact list. You can’t use your friend and follower lists from Facebook and Twitter to help you and there is reportedly also a cap on the number of friends you can have. There are also numerous anonymous and fake accounts swirling around and there’s no method for identity verification. So much for Taylor Swift having her own Peach account…


Aside from those downsides, this app seems like the perfect app for anyone who wants to let their friends or followers know what they’re doing 24/7 in a unique way (not that we don’t already do so on Twitter and Snapchat). I wouldn’t mind giving this app a chance once it becomes popular with my friends and I’m tempted to join the crowd.

Peach is currently available for free on Apple’s App Store.

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