Don’t Worry: New O.J. Simpson Show Will NOT Focus on Kardashians

In case you haven’t heard by now, a new FX show will be hitting the TV screen soon titled The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

The show will include many well-known celebrities, including John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance, Sterling Brown, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Selma Blair and Cuba Gooding Jr.

It is expected to do well for a number of reasons. On top of the controversial subject matter that has  long been disputed of the murder trial of O.J. Simpson case, where he was accused of killing his wife, Nicole Brown, and the stellar cast that will be assuming the roles, there has also been a new wave of fascination surrounding the legal system in this country, fueled by podcasts such as Serial and Netflix documentaries such as Making a Murderer that show gaping holes in the system.

American Crime Story was created by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, with executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (from American Horror Story). In a previous interview, it was already revealed that the show will not come to a conclusion about whether or not O.J. actually did it.

“We wanted you to understand the verdict,” Larry Karaszewski said. “It’s about the unraveling certainty. … You could just see it kind of slipping through the prosecution’s fingers, and that’s sort of what the show is about.”

The People v. OJ Simpson Official Trailer:

[protected-iframe id=”527b3ec60597bea62df1aa32d1d5a9d0-860993-62745551″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

During the press tour, Murphy, who has admitted to being obsessed with Making a Murderer, said that, “One of the episodes that I’m most proud of is number eight, and it is from the POV of the jury, what were they like and how did we get to this verdict? I think that’s something people will be interested in. That’s why these shows are exploding and there’s so much interest.”

Although most people know this, many forget that it was the late Robert Kardashian who defended O.J. and was a good friend of his. In the upcoming series, Kardashian will be played by Schwimmer.

Some speculation has been raised about the involvement the Kardashian roles will have. Obviously Robert is a huge part of this story, so it makes sense his family will come into play as well. As we reported previously, Selma Blair will be playing Kris Jenner. (So strange, I know.)

As the article also explained, it is hard to not include at least a little bit of the children in the story at the time:

Among the characters featured in the first few episodes are portrayals of young Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian, and they’re depicted as being already being concerned about fame — characterizations sure to start at least a few conversations when the series premieres.

Writer Scott Alexander explained the kids were there “just for a little sprinkling” because he felt “they were sort of emblematic of the beginning of this era … where people were famous, and you weren’t really sure why they were famous.” Murphy added that too much focus on those scenes misses the point. Noting that only four or five scenes out of American Crime Story’s 10 hours feature the Kardashian Children, Murphy said, “I think that gives you a grasp on how important we thought they were to the story.”

So how do the Kardashians feel about all this? While at the 2016 Winter TCA Press Tour to promote her new show Kocktails with Khloe, Khloe said, according to EW, “Oh I definitely want to see it. My mom and Selma Blair became really good friends. She was at our Christmas Eve party. My mom had way more of an investment in that movie. She helped a little bit with character.”

Kris Jenner also said last year that: “It was such a tragic story. It’s something that you know you’ll never be able to get over in any kind of a way where you don’t think about it all the time. Nicole was so dear to my heart, and I think about her and have such great cherished, treasured memories forever in my heart.”

The show will premiere on  Tuesday, February 2, 2016.



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