The Cast Of ‘High School Musical’ Is Reuniting For A 10-Year Anniversary

If you’re a super High School Musical fan, you’re about to feel very old.

The iconic children’s movie is 10-years-old this year and the people at Disney decided that it was time to get some of the cast together for a 10-year anniversary reunion. You can go wail and cry about your age now. I’ll wait.

On Sunday, some stars from the cast of High School Musical, including Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel, got together to film a reunion special, according to a press release from Disney. The reunion was filmed at a Los Angeles high school gym that will be shown during a special broadcast of High School Musical that airs on January 20 on Disney Channel.

Unfortunately, Zac Efron was unable to join his fellow High School Musical cast members for the taping on Sunday. But don’t worry, Efron recorded an individual segment that will air during the special broadcast. You won’t be totally without the basketball star, Troy Bolton, during this special broadcast.

Some of the cast posted to Instagram to share pictures of the reunion on Sunday. Trust me, they’re just as excited for this High School Musical special as you are.

In addition to re-airing High School Musical, Disney plans on broadcasting High School Musical 2 as well. It will be presented on January 21 and January 24 on Disney Channel.

Go Wildcats!

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