A 21-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Froze To Death After Leaving A Party In Shorts & A Tank Top

Lana Kane/Facebook

I’ve skipped wearing a jacket in freezing temperatures when headed out to parties in college. Somehow, I rationalized that being cold on the way to the car was better than having my coat stolen. But never again. A young Wisconsin woman lost her life by heading outside in shorts and a tank top on Monday.

Elizabeth Luebke, 21, attended a house party following a concert on Sunday night. However, she was reported missing by her mother when she never made it home.

Apparently, Luebke, who went by “Lizzy” or “Lana Kane” on Facebook, left the party after an alcohol-fueled argument wearing shorts, fishnet stockings, shows, a tank top, and possibly a sweater. It was a freezing night, with a low temperature of –27.5 degrees with the wind chill factored in.

One friend told FOX6, “When she got here, she was really, really drunk and she got mad at her other friend and she stormed out.”

Officials said that a video camera at a nearby business caught Luebke walking down the street when she suddenly collapsed in front of a home and eventually stopped moving. She was found by a passerby just a few blocks from the house where the party was held.

Luebke’s mom told authorities that her daughter had a history of drinking too much, having been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning in October after she was found passed out at a bar. Her blood alcohol content at the hospital when she died was 0.4.

Seriously – alcohol and the elements do not mix. Look out for your friends, wear a coat, and find sober rides. No night out is worth this tragedy.