A Stripper Convinced An HBO Exec To Leave Her All His Money When He Died

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I always told my mom I was going to quit college and become a stripper. I’ve read more than one account of a stripper making much more money than I do (and also not reporting all of their cash to avoid paying taxes on it). Yeah, I was joking about becoming a stripper, that money they rake in is no joke at all.

Especially when you trick a dying man into leaving you his fortune.

Veronica Beckham, 31, was a stripper in Atlantic City, New Jersey when she met Micky Liu, an HBO executive. Liu died in March 2015 of diabetes, obesity, and chronic alcoholism, but not before he named Beckham made her the beneficiary on two retirement accounts as well as his $223,000 life insurance policy. (That’s a whole lot of singles.)

Beckham, who now lives in Florida, said last year that she never knew that Liu intended to leave her everything. She also swears they were just friends and never had sex, despite a period of time where she stayed in his NYC apartment. (He slept on the couch apparently.)

Obviously, Liu’s sister May Liu is none too pleased with this whole sitch. May Liu is suing over her brother’s estate, claiming that Beckham took advantage of the man who had a severe heart condition and was on heavy medication.

Beckham declined to comment on the court fight. “I have plenty of nice, great things to say about Micky, but I can’t at this time as the case is pending,” she said. “Just know that Micky was an outstanding, amazing, intelligent person.”

You forgot to mention extremely generous!

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