Jason Melo: Photos Of Man Who Filmed His Cheating Girlfriend Naked On NYC Streets

Jason Melo/Instagram

A particularly disgusting video of a woman being forced to walk naked in the streets of New York City has been making its way around the Internet this week. The woman was found to be texting other men by her boyfriend, and he seemed to think an appropriate punishment would be bringing her into the street wearing only a towel, only to rip the towel off and make her do a walk of shame.

Now that man, 24-year-old Jason Melo, has been arrested for the abuse of his girlfriend and endangering her 3-year-old child.

Though the disturbing video does not appear to still be on any of Melo’s social media accounts, his Instagram — which now has 36,000 followers — features him defending the gross act. Later, he changes his tune.

More recent videos show him filming himself and apologizing.

“Jason Melo here. I want to ask all women for forgiveness. I want them to know, that really, I didn’t want this to – I didn’t think this would – get to this point,” he says.

“Maybe, I made a mistake, to do what I did, from the beginning to take her out naked. I really regret this. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it. Because in my mind, so much has happened to me.

“I came from a woman, I have a daughter, and I have two sisters. But look what you pushed me to do. I am sorry for everything. This the last video I will make, I don’t want any interviews, I don’t want anything.”

The final video in his social media meltdown shows him wiping tears from his eyes as he listens to a song about how no man is perfect.

See photos of Jason Melo below.

Man Who Filmed Cheating Girlfriend Walking NYC Street Naked Has Been Arrested
Man Who Filmed Cheating Girlfriend Walking NYC Street Naked Has Been Arrested
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