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Sam Smith Just Discovered Racism Is A Thing, Receives Obvious Backlash

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Welcome to the 21st Century, Sam Smith, where Donald Trump is running for POTUS, selfies kill more people than sharks, and racism still exists. Apparently the Golden Globe winner was unaware that the latter was still very much a real thing, not only in the United States, but everywhere.

Let’s take a look at his concerned (and concerning) tweets, shall we?

Naturally, people are slamming the singer:

And we’ll just end it on this random little note:

My guess is that he’s not great. And my guess is that he’s also not actually that ‘upset’ or ‘hurt.’ I mean maybe he is a little bit, but something tells me he did this for attention thinking the world was going to be like, “OMG, Sam Smith is such a good person. I love him even more than I did before.” Looks like that little plan backfired with his disregard for oh I don’t know, the fact that racism happens EVERYWHERE, including London.

Don’t worry, we’ll get a public apology in a few days when his PR team figures out the best way to handle this mess. In the meantime, maybe you should read literally any headline from 2015, Sam Smith.

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