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Why Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Series Is A Must-See

In case you haven’t heard (or already watched it), Chelsea Handler just released a new 4-segment series on Netflix, “Chelsea Does.”

After ending her show on E!, Chelsea Lately, the comedian announced that she would be teaming up with Netflix for new projects. And though it has taken a little longer than expected, it was definitely worth the wait.

‘Chelsea Does’ Official Trailer

[protected-iframe id=”1aa344643cd0550ad27da75955d7edce-860993-62745551″ info=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bcIAMiH6bIE” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Of course, as with anything she does, Chelsea killed this series with her constant hilarious jokes and off-handed remarks. Many people will love this series because she brings the refreshing, sometimes offensive and raw, truth to comedy. Put simply, she says what everyone is thinking. And she is unapologetic about it.

However, what makes this series so different, and definitely a must-see, is that Chelsea takes an unexpected serious turn in a lot of the episodes. Each episode covers a different topic and, to be honest, she takes a more journalistic approach throughout it than she did a comedic one. Don’t get me wrong: it is very hilarious. But it is also very well researched, unbiased, and thought-provoking.

In a previous interview, the 40-year-old explained, “I wanted to do something I was familiar with and things I was unfamiliar with. I totally felt out my comfort zone, it was great to do something I was unfamiliar with.”

The four episodes consist of: Chelsea does…

  • Silicon Valley – where she learns about coding, what streaming is, and what goes into creating mobile apps that we use every day. She meets with investors and programmers to pitch her app idea for “Gotta go”, an app that would supply you with text messages saying there is an emergency to give you an easy-out of a bad date or party you aren’t enjoying.
  • Racism – where she visits the south to tackle some sensitive topics and actually gets really fired up at certain points (as would anyone when you see what some people are willing to admit).
  • Drugs – probably the funniest of them all, where she experiments with different drugs, which includes smoking weed with Willie Nelson, traveling to Peru to try a transcending drug that brings her back to her childhood, taking Adderall, and mixing Ambien with alcohol to show people the effects.
  • Marriage – where she explores different types of marriages, gets very honest and vulnerable about her trust and commitment issues, and examines what it takes to make a marriage work.

Each episode is a little longer than an hour, but you will definitely find yourself breezing through them. On top of being entertained, you will also find yourself with a new-found respect for Chelsea Handler and her willingness to push boundaries and ask the hard questions.


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