Brat Gets Slammed For Starting A GoFundMe Page To Buy Her First Car

first car


You know how millennials have a reputation for being lazy, having everything handed to them, and generally sucking? It’s because of people like this chick.

Let’s backtrack a little – I’m sure GoFundMe was started with the best intentions. They probably pictured people raising money for noble causes like sending a veteran on vacation to see his/her family around the holidays or starting a business venture by crowdsourcing, not getting a “420” tattoo removed from your forehead (yes, seriously).

Some spoiled millennial whose Instagram name is appropriately “BrattyReyna” decided it would be fun to get other people to pay for her first $3,500 car. She set up a GoFundMe page and took to Insta asking people to donate.

Check her post below (and count the grammar mistakes while you’re at it).

“Okay so I’m have to share something great ! I am going to graduate in 4 month and I can’t wait !! However I’m in need of a car ): I’ve started a GoFundMe account to help me raise $3500 ! With that money I plan on buying not only my car but also donating 10% to St Judes Children’s Hospital ! I want to thank everyone in advance for every penny, nickel, and dime received! There’s a link in my bio! Don’t be scared to check it out. Much love”

Don’t worry – friends didn’t let her get off easy. See what happened below.

bratty reyna go fund me car

bratty reyna go fund me car

bratty reyna go fund me car gofundme-5

Maybe there is hope for millennials after all.

For the record, Reyna has a job at Wendy’s from the looks of her Instagram page, and we can no longer find that GoFundMe page. Guess she decided to go the old-fashioned route. Keep serving up those Frostys, girl. You’ll get your ride in no time.

Update: 1/27/16, 1:18 p.m.

Welp, Reyna has this insightful message to share after her story went viral. It reads, “Just fyi I do have a job and I do work hard to warn money so if me trying to raise a little extra to help me get a car BC I’M DOING IT ON MY OWN is a problem then sorry but go f*ck yourself”


In conclusion, this girl is the worst.

Meanwhile, a man named Andy Cobden, from England, created a GoFundMe page entitled, ‘Not for Reynas first car.’ LOZ.

It reads, “So, I saw an article about a young lady who set up a go find me page to raise $3500 for her first car. 10% of the funds raised would then go to St. Judes hospital. Don’t think I need to point out the issues with that. So let’s raise £3500 for St. Judes instead. If we do, I’ll send her a hotwheels set.”

[Story via BroBible]

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