#UnsentProject Reveals Heartbreaking & Hilarious Texts People Never Sent Their First Loves

Rora Blue/Instagram

What would you say to your first love if you saw them on the street today?

Now, what would you say anonymously — no repercussions? That changes things a bit, huh?

California-based artist Rora Blue wanted to find out what people would say and turn those messages into incredible art.

Blue asked strangers to submit a name to who the message is being sent to, a color, and a message they never sent to the first person they ever loved. Thousands responded.

“I started the project as a way for people to connect with each other,” Blue told Bustle via email. “I feel like this is a concept that many people can relate to and I wanted to find a way to artistically represent love.”

The results run the gamut. Some are heartbreaking, some are angry, some are sad, some are filled with hope, and others are hilarious. The thing they all have in common is brutal honesty.

“I find it very interesting that most submissions are sad and addressed to men. There is definitely an abundance of humorous and cheerful submissions as well, but the majority are pretty upsetting,” she said. “I think this is because people look for an outlet for their emotions when they are upset.”

Check out some of Rora Blue’s favorite submissions from the project below.

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