7 TV & Movie Apartments We’d Kill To Live In

To indulge in your (and our) fantasy, we present to you the seven apartments we’d totally love to live in. From warehouses to an Upper East Side penthouse, TV and film really  know how to make us crave for all the unrealistic things we just can’t have. Let’s pretend that we could move into one of the many fabulous places and  live vicariously through some of our favorite characters.

1. The New Girl Loft

Jess and the guys’ warehouse is definitely a must-have if you’re the city type. It is not too spacious, nor too small. And completely unrealistic for the budget that most of them are on, but who cares, right?

2. Christian Grey’s Seattle Apartment in Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether you’re totally for or completely against Fifty Shades of Grey, there’s no denying that Mr. Grey lives in a jaw-dropping apartment. All you have to do is just think back at that gorgeous Seattle view from his living room.

3. Blair Waldorf’s Penthouse from Gossip Girl

Let’s be honest here – all the apartments in the series were to die for, but nothing says classy like Blair Waldorf’s Upper East Side penthouse. And if you really wanted to, why not equip it with your very own Dorota?

4. The Warehouse Apartment in Love And Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway’s warehouse has a huge window and quirky décor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal. Bummer.

5. Stark Tower in Iron Man

This is the home of the future! And smack dab in the city of Manhattan to make all our shopping (and world saving) that much easier.

6. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment on Sex & The City

Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe isn’t the only gorgeous thing in the show. Her Upper East Side apartment is cozy both cozy and chic. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

7. Rachel and Kurt’s NYC Loft on Glee

All we really wanna know is how Rachel and Kurt were able to afford that loft while being struggling student actors. WE NEED YOUR SECRET!

And back to reality.

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