You’re The Wine That I Want: The ‘Grease Live’ Drinking Game


Do you sing “We Go Together” to your bottle of Merlot?

Have you gotten wasted while dressed up as one of the Pink Ladies for Halloween, possibly more than once?

Are you ready to get somewhat schwasty on a Sunday night while somewhat hoping someone on Grease: Live forgets a line?

Then we have a drinking game for you.

Fox is getting in on the live musical trend with their own version of the beloved Grease starring triple threat Julianne Hough as Sandy, the amazing Aaron Tveit as Danny, and a truly all-star ensemble that seems to be having far too much fun on set.

Whether you’re hate-watching, loving every second, or being forced to watch due to a TV-hogging roommate, the best way to enjoy a televised musical involves a lot of drinking. Sing (and drink) along to the live musical with our ultimate Grease: Live drinking game.

Take A Sip When:

– Someone says “grease.”

– Julianne Hough has an outfit change.

– You think about changing your major to musical theater.

– Vanessa Hudgens makes you want to rewatch High School Musical.

– Someone on Twitter suggests what musical Fox or NBC should do next year.

Take Two Sips When:

– An ensemble member isn’t really paying attention.

– Rizzo makes a backhanded compliment.

– A member of the movie cast makes a cameo.

– You don’t remember this part in the movie.

– “Technical difficulties.”

Take A Shot When:

– “Tell me about it…stud.”

– Someone obviously flubs a line.

– A character looks directly into the camera or breaks the fourth wall.

– A Twitter hashtag or account emerges due to events on the show.

Finish The Bottle If:

– There’s a NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

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