J.K. Rowling Reveals Details On Three New Wizarding Schools

The Harry Potter universe is alive and better than ever!

On Friday, J.K. Rowling revealed magical details about three new wizarding schools that were never discussed in the Harry Potter series. Rowling identified these schools as Mahoutokoro in Japan, Castelobruxo in Brazil and Uagadou in Africa. The Harry Potter author explained that these schools are three of 11 official wizarding institutions across the globe. Like Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, the schools specialize in different forms of magic.

Rowling revealed that Uagadou is the largest wizarding school in the world. Students who attend the 1000-year-old institution are trained in wandless magic and specialize in ancient studies such as alchemy and self-transfiguration.

Mahoutokoro, on the other hand, is the smallest wizarding school. It does not have any dormitories for students. Instead, Rowling explained that its students are “flown back and forth to their homes every day on the backs of a flock of giant storm petrels.”

Castelobruxo accepts students from all over South America. It is an institution that places emphasis on herbology and magizoology. The Brazilian wizarding institution additionally offers an exchange program for European witches and wizards looking to further their magical knowledge.

In addition to these brand new schools, Rowling has named the American wizarding school. Perhaps we will learn more about it in the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them!

You can learn more about the Harry Potter wizarding world through Rowling’s writings on Pottermore. Hopefully she’ll be releasing more information about the five remaining schools soon!

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