The 12 Worst Celebrity Stage Malfunctions

Celebrities – they’re just like us! They work, they play – they have wardrobe malfunctions. Unfortunately, their outfit malfunctions are not confined to one place. Unlike your personal wardrobe fail when you accidentally gave everyone a free show at the train station when your skirt flew upwards, celebrity stage malfunctions are published and broadcasted internationally to billions of people who are shocked and appalled. Your momentary embarrassment does not even compare to that of Beyoncé or Lenny Kravitz.

But, I mean what did you expect if you took to the stage in leather pants or in nothing but a tight-fitting harness? Those things tend to tear – and generally without warning.

I’m sure all of these embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions are certainly things these celebrities would love to forget happened, but, thanks to me, I have compiled the worst of them all so you can all remember these cringe-worthy moments. I mean, at least it didn’t happen to you, right?

Knock on wood?

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