5 Style Lessons We Learned From Grease: Live’s Pink Ladies

pink ladies grease live

Carly Rae Jepsen/Instagram

Before The Plastics or The Heathers or T. Swift’s Girl Squad, there was The Pink Ladies.

You’ve probably dressed up as the Pink Ladies with your friends on Halloween or wished to have an ounce of Stockard Channing’s sass as Rizzo before, but last night’s airing of Grease: Live reminded us all that the Pink Ladies are the ultimate squad goals. Part of that reason? Their flawless style.

Underneath those iconic jackets, every one of the Grease ladies had a signature style that we can all incorporate into our wardrobes. Kether Donohue as Jan made pigtails cool again, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Frenchy made us strongly consider dying our hair pink like an Easter egg, and can we talk about Sandy? From her cheerleading ensemble to those leather pants, we want to steal everything from her closet (even before her makeover – except maybe that WTF sleepover outfit).

Let’s look back to 1959 for some fashion inspiration…or are you too pure to be pink?

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