Ariel Winter Fires Back At People Who Say She Shouldn’t Show Her Breast Reduction Scars

Last weekend at the SAG Awards, Ariel Winter showed up looking absolutely magnificent in a strapless, floor-length black dress from designer, Romona Keveža. In an interview with People, Winter said that choosing her dress for the event was more stressful than choosing a dress for prom.

At the event, however? You couldn’t tell. Ariel Winter looked comfortable, calm, happy and beautiful. What was even more beautiful, though, was Winter’s confidence in baring the scars from her breast reduction surgery.

People on Twitter, on the other hand, seem to think otherwise. Some people believe that Winter should hide her scars instead of “flaunting” them. Ariel, however, has no time for their body-shaming nonsense.

Winter posted to Twitter to defend herself, stating that she wasn’t trying to hide her scars because she is not ashamed of them.

In June, the 18-year-old actress got surgery to reduce her bust size from a 32F to a 34D. Her confidence to present herself with her scars bared makes her beautiful both inside and out.

To inspire other people to accept their bodies as they are, Winter shared a quote from Marc Jacobs to inspire other people to wholly embrace themselves on Twitter.

If that’s not a good role model for young girls and boys, then I don’t know what is.

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