Law Student Demands A Lifetime Supply Of Kit Kats After Discovering One Without A Wafer

kit kat

ITV News/Twitter

First McDonald’s is selling mozzarella sticks without cheese, now Nestle is selling Kit Kats without the wafer? What is this world coming to?

It happens from time to time – we step in a puddle, don’t win the lottery, or bite into a waferless Kit Kat. The next logical step is to get over your momentary disappointment and move on with your life. Someone needs to tell that to Saima Ahmad.

The law student, who’s in her second year at King’s College in London, claims she suffered a “monetary and emotional” loss after buying an eight-pack of Kit Kats that were missing their crunchy wafer, according to Huffington Post.

Now she wants a lifetime supply of Kit Kats, which makes about as much sense as me requesting a lifetime supply of pickles…when I don’t like pickles.

I wouldn’t rule out taking this further if Nestle do not apologize or compensate me adequately,” Ahmad wrote, according to ITV.

Nestle hasn’t responded to Ahmad’s ridiculousness yet, probably because they’re busy making delicious snacks and don’t really give a crap if a waferless Kit Kat gets through every once in a while. In fact, some people think it’s as lucky as finding a penny heads-up on the street – see?

But really, can you blame a girl for trying to get a lifetime supply of chocolate? It’s worth a shot.

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