The Puppy Bowl XII Starting Lineup Wins Super Bowl Sunday

The “big game” on Super Bowl Sunday isn’t between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos…it’s all about Team Ruff versus Team Fluff. That’s right – the greatest event in sports that you’ve been waiting for all year, the Puppy Bowl, is this weekend.

Personally, I’d rather squeal out an “Aww!” then cringe through a “Oooh…” any day.

This year’s roster features 49 puppies from 44 animal shelters and rescue organizations located across 25 states. Cuteness level? At an all time high.

Puppy Bowl XII referee (excuse me, ruff-eree) Dan Schachner (aka the luckiest guy in the world) will once again be making sure there’s no unnecessary ruff-ness or paws interference.

Tune into Animal Planet for the 2016 Puppy Bowl – it airs on February 7 at 3 p.m. EST. But first, which pup do you think looks like the MVP? Check out the starting lineups of these adorable (adoptable!) pups below.

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