WATCH: YouTube Blogger Was Told By Walmart Employee That She Couldn’t Try On Clothes Because She Might “Stretch” Them

Shiann Friesen/YouTube

Reason #495 not to shop at Walmart, coming right at ya.

Plus-size beauty blogger Shiann Friesen, who runs the YouTube channel ShiCurves, was shopping at Walmart in December when she, like a rational person, headed to the fitting room with her perspective purchases. Instead of simply telling the woman working how many pieces she had and proceeding with her trying on process, the Walmart employee told Friesen that she couldn’t try on certain pieces. Why? Because she might ruin them.

At this point, Friesen pulled out her phone and started recording the interaction with the employee. She caught the woman on film telling her that the clothes were “obviously not going to fit” and saying, “Don’t stretch it.”

Friesen took to her YouTube channel to talk about the incident. The footage of her confrontation with the changing room lady at Walmart starts at the 3-minute mark and lasts about 30 seconds.


After the footage, Friesen claims the changing room worker was being rude to her and other customers, not allowing men to try on women’s sweaters, and even asked Friesen to take clothes out of the dressing room that¬†were¬†brought in by another customer. WTF?

Even after speaking to a manager, Walmart seems to have done nothing about it. Friesen says she will continue to let higher-ups at Walmart know about what happened.

But really, are we even a little surprised this happened at a Walmart?

Check out more of Shiann Friesen below.


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