Believe It Or Not, This Isn’t Kim Kardashian – See Photos Of The Kim K Look-Alike From Dubai

Sonia Ali/Instagram

Tons of fans try to copy Kim Kardashian‘s makeup, hair, and style, but one beauty blogger from Dubai doesn’t have to do much to be mistaken for the reality star.

Just like fellow Kim K look-alike Kamilla Osman, Sonia Ali gets mistaken for Kanye West‘s wife on the reg.

“I always get it at airports and when I’m shopping, more when I visit the USA,” Sonia told Buzzfeed.

It started when Sonia and her sister, makeup artist Fyza, started an Instagram account to showcase their beauty skills. Immediately fans noticed her resemblance to the most famous sister of the Kardashian Klan…even without any effort to copy her look. Need proof? Check out this makeup-free selfie (and you’ll still need to do a double take).

The comparisons to Kim Kardashian are welcomed by Sonia. “My sister and I always say how we like the way they made it acceptable to be dark-haired, tanned and curvy to society,” she said.

Check out photos of Sonia below.

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