Super Bowl 50: Best Memes & Funny Photos For Football’s Biggest Game

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I may not be a big football fan (like, at all), but I can definitely appreciate a day that’s dedicated to gambling, eating, and getting way too drunk on a Sunday. I can also appreciate a good meme, and Super Bowl 50 is full of them.

The Internet is hard at work gathering up hilarious memes and funny photos targeting Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and the rest of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. From the looks of it, world wide web creators are predicting that Manning and the Broncos are going to be in desperate need of some help – like maybe a blackout from Beyonce‘s halftime performance with Coldplay?

And let’s not forget the New England Patriots being the butt of jokes. Sorry, Tom Brady, but it’s not going to happen this year. (No, we’re not over the cheating thing.)

As long as you’re not Peyton Manning, you’ll probably enjoy the following Super Bowl 50 memes.

The Puppy Bowl XII Starting Lineup Wins Super Bowl Sunday
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