10 Ridiculous Things You Can Bet On For Super Bowl 50, Including If Beyonce Will Show Cleavage Or Not

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If your Fantasy Football League left you recreating a Selena Gomez video, you might feel like the Super Bowl is your time to win big. Gamblers and non-gamblers alike use the big game to try to win some money, but football isn’t the only thing you can place your bets on. As I learned last year, you can bet on everything from how long it will take to sing the National Anthem to what color the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach will be.

See? You don’t even have to be a Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers fan to enjoy the game and take home some extra cash.

Of course, the halftime show with Coldplay and Beyonce isn’t being left out of the fun. Neither are Bey’s boobs.

According to TMZ, the cyber-gambling site BetOnline.ag is letting users place their bets on whether or not Yonce’s cleavage will be out and about during her halftime cameo.

Currently, the odds are heavily in favor of Beyonce’s girls making an appearance: Yes -350, while No +260.

Check out some of the other crazy things you can bet on for the Super Bowl this year.

Will Peyton Manning Be Seen Crying At Any Point During The Broadcast?

  • Yes (+600; 6/1)
  • No (-1200; 1/12)

How Many Times Will “Dab” Or “Dabbing” Be Said During The Broadcast?

  • Over two (Even; 1/1)
  • Under two (-140; 5/7)

Will There Be An Earthquake During The Game?

  • Yes (10/1)

What Color Will The Liquid Be That Is Poured On The Winning Coach?

  • Orange (5/4)
  • Blue (3/1)
  • Clear (4/1)
  • Yellow (4/1)
  • Red (6/1)
  • Green (10/1)
  • Purple (10/1)

Will The Panthers Player Who Scores Their First Touchdown Give The Football To A Boy Or Girl?

  • Boy (-200; 1/2)
  • Girl (+150; 3/2)

Will “Left Shark” Make An Appearance On Stage During The Halftime Show?

  • Yes (15/1)

What Color Footwear Will Beyonce Be Wearing?

  • Black (3/2)
  • Gold Or Brown (5/2)
  • White (11/4)
  • Silver Or Gray (19/4)
  • Any Other Color (7/1)

Who Will The Super Bowl MVP Mention First?

  • God (2/1)
  • Team (2/1)
  • City Or Fans (6/1)
  • Coach (15/2)
  • His Family (15/1)
  • Does Not Mention Any Of The Above (9/4)

How Many Wings Will Be Sold By Buffalo Wild Wings?

  • Over/Under 12 million

Well, go ahead – place your bets!

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