Kylie Jenner Named A New Lip Kit Color After One Of Her Sisters

Mike Windle/Getty Images

When Kylie Jenner released her Lip Kit back in November, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on the stuff. Not even an hour after launching, the product was sold out and fans were left with their regular lipstick from Sephora.

Now, Kylie’s Lip Kit featuring matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner is back and better than ever.

In addition to the original three shades, three more – Mary Jo, Koko, and Posie – have been added to the collection.

Kylie posted a photo holding her beautiful beauty babies to Instagram.

Did you catch which Lip Kit color is named after a Kardashian sis? Koko is Khloe Kardashian’s nickname, and apparently worthy of a lip stick color.

Khloe isn’t the only one who Kylie paid tribute to in her makeup line. Mary Jo is the name of Ky’s grandmother while Dolce K is named after an old family dog.

So yeah, the dog got a color named after her, but Kim gets nada.

Have your credit card ready? Sorry, friends, but the new batch of Lip Kits are already sold out on Of course, just hours after their release was announced, they were gone. But Ky promised more will be coming soon.

The lip kits for $29 each. There was also a $7.95 shipping fee for states within the USA while other countries will get hit with a $13.95 flat fee (but at least they ship worldwide).

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