This Is Why You’re Addicted To Your Lip Balm

In grade school, you might have heard the rumor about how your Carmex lip balm contained glass shards in order to force you to reapply the balm all the time. If you ask me? That’s one hell of a business strategy – but I digress.

If you ever found yourself questioning why you felt the need to constantly reapply your Carmex lip balm, don’t worry. It turns out science has discovered why you can’t put that lip balm down – and it’s because you’re allergic to something in it. The Cut reported today that your addiction has more to do with the ingredients in the lip balm rather than alleged glass shards.

Three dermatologists were interviewed by The Cut. The article suggests that if you find wool sweaters itchy, you will probably find that you react negatively towards Carmex due to an ingredient it contains called lanolin.

Lanolin, interestingly enough, is a substance that is also found in wool.

The dermatologists suggested that people might be reacting negatively to other ingredients present in the lip balm, such as salicylic acid (a common acne treatment), beeswax or benzocaine. Benzocaine can cause chapped lips if you’re allergic to it. It only makes sense that you would always be reapplying Carmex to your lips, doesn’t it?

If you fall into this category, you might want to toss that Carmex in the trash and choose a different kind of lip balm instead.

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