This Woman Has Spent Over $14,000 On Costumes To Transform Herself Into Disney Princesses

Sarah Ingle/Instagram

We all have a friend who is a little too obsessed with Disney. Instead of appreciating a good belt session during a pregame to “Let It Go,” she wants to listen to the entire Frozen soundtrack. She still wears jewelry that reads “Hakuna Matata” and spends all her vacation time at Disney World.

That friend won’t seem so crazy after you meet Sarah Ingle.

Ingle is a 25 year old from Colorado who has spent a small fortune transforming herself into Elsa, Ariel, Snow White, and more of your favorite Disney princesses. We’re talking over $12,200 on 17 outfits and $2,100 on 16 different wigs.

Although she works full-time as a marketing manager, Ingle spends her weekends dressing as princesses for appearances at birthday parties and community events for her events company “Princess Ever After.” Her side gig earns her $140 per hour (not including the three hours it takes to transform into the Disney leading lady of the day), which should help pay for those extravagant costumes. She also volunteers in her princess personas at children’s hospitals!

“I absolutely love dressing up as all of the different princesses,” she said. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look on children’s faces when they see their favorite princess arrive at their party – it’s magical.”

To be fair, it’s way better than the creepy dude in a cheap Barney costume that attended birthday parties when I was a kid.

And don’t think Ingle doesn’t get help from her family and friends. Ingle even convinces her boyfriend, Derek Van Schaik, to play her Prince Charming (in full costume, of course) sometimes.

Check out photos of Sarah Ingle’s amazing Disney princess transformations, and don’t be surprised if you see her at Disney World someday.

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