A 24-Year-Old Woman Goes Through Life With The Looks Of Taylor Swift & The Name Jennifer Lopez

taylor swift look alike named jennifer lopez photos

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No one would try to argue that Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, but on the other side of the country lives a 24-year-old woman named Jennifer Lopez…who looks like Taylor Swift.

Yes, seriously.

Beauty blogger Jennifer Lopez from Savannah, Georgia was teased as a child for sharing her name with Jenny from the block. Nowadays, however, she’s getting attention for her uncanny resemblance to T. Swift.

“It’s bizarre having one celebrity’s name, and then looking like another,” she said, according to The Daily Mail.

Instead of having the full booty and Latina looks her name makes you think of, Lopez had blonde hair and a skinny frame. She also enjoys rocking T. Swift’s signature red lip and cut her hair short around the same time the real Taylor did.

If this was my situation, I’d use my double A-list connection to sneak backstage at red carpet events and confuse the hell out of everyone, but Jennifer didn’t even use her looks to meet T. Swift when she had the chance…well, not on purpose. While waiting in line at a Taylor Swift concert back in 2008, Taylor’s dad noticed her and commented on their resemblance.

“I was in complete shock so I just stood there — that would have been my perfect opportunity to ask to meet her but I froze,” Lopez said.

Check out photos of the Taylor Swift doppelganger with J. Lo’s name below.

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