Beyonce Increased Red Lobster Sales By 33 Percent, Because She’s Beyonce

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Just when you thought Beyonce couldn’t possibly have any more power over the world, she strikes again.

After Queen Bey mentioned Red Lobster in her new song, “Formation,” the seafood chain experienced a whopping 33 percent increase in their sales from the same time last year.

Let me just give you a little recap on these said lyrics:

“When he f*ck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay.” 👏👏👏

I have to admit, their cheddar bay biscuits are damn good, but I haven’t been there in years. I can’t say that a song would be the reason to bring me back, but this is impressive. Not surprisingly, employees are losing their biscuits minds over the situation.

Red Lobster reminds me of that aunt who tries to be young and hip but wears crocs and still watches The Young and the Restless. They’re trying so hard. I guess when you’re hit with unexpected free publicity, though, you’re a little overwhelmed.

Who run the world? Beyonce, obvs.

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