Khloe Kardashian Signs Up For OKCupid – Can’t She At Least Spring For

khloe kardashian lead okcupid

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Once again, Khloe Kardashian proves she’s the most relatable of the Kardashian Klan.

Apparently Khloe and her basketball boyfriend James Harden have called it quits. And how is she dealing with the split? By signing up for online dating, like any good millennial would.

The 31-year-old took to her app and website yesterday to reveal that she set up a profile on OKCupid…aka the free dating site that’s a very small step up from Tinder. The girl is worth a lot of money – can’t she at least go for or eHarmony?

Khloe wrote, “Real talk: I’ve never done online dating before, but just for sh*ts and giggles, Malika and I decided to fill one out. It was actually really fun to do, LOL! Get to swiping right, boo-boo!”


So what does “khloewithak” like to do?

Koko says her typical Friday night consists of “working or hanging out with nieces and nephews: Penelope, Mason, Reign, Saint and North.” As for self summary, her motto is “taking every day as it comes.”

She also reveals this fun fact: “I always, always have Hot Tamales in my nightstand! I’m actually going to eat some right now.”

Sounds like a catch, fellas. Get on that and you might be in-laws with Kanye in no time.

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