Sorry, But There’s A Pretty Good Chance You’re Going To Get Dumped Today

girl getting dumped red tuesday


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but some of you committed ladies might want to cool it on picking out a perfect V-day outfit and making dinner reservations until tomorrow. Odds are that if he’s going to break up with you, it’s going to happen today.

According to, February 9 is when a lot of couples split. This year it falls on a Tuesday, and UK’s top dating website for married people, aka Ashley Madison for cheating Europeans, have dubbed it Red Tuesday — not to be confused with restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday, although if you bring your girl to Ruby Tuesday for Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably be single pretty quickly.

So why are people dumping their partners right at the end of cuffing season?

Spokesperson for, Christian Grant, explains, “You’re on the cusp of what is generally considered to be one of the most romantic and important days for any relationship, and then you realize that you don’t love your partner as much as they love you, so to save yourself the embarrassment or shame of having to declare your love to someone you don’t really care for, what do you do? You take the lesser of two evils and dump them.”

Smooth. Hope you kept the receipt for those Valentine’s Day gifts.

To make matters worse, stats show that only 24% percent of breakups on Red Tuesday face to face. Topping the list, 26% do it by text, then 22% do it over the phone, 13% use Facebook, 10% split over WhatsApp, and 7% opt for Twitter.


Luckily, there’s probably still enough Ben and Jerry’s to console you on February 14 if you head to the store (right now) or time to join in on Galentine’s Day with your friends. If he’s dumping you via text, he’s not worth you anyway.

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