17 Times Having A Resting Bitch Face Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

anna kendrick resting bitch face

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

My name is Stephanie, and I have chronic Resting Bitch Face.

(This is the part where you all say, “Hi, Stephanie,” I think.)

I’ve come to terms with my condition and the fact that people automatically assume I hate them when we first meet. Call me intimidating or ask me what’s wrong, it’s cool with me. I now realize that having Resting Bitch Face is just part of who I am. In fact, it’s a real thing – science says so. People with RBF might even be better communicators than our friendly-faced fellow humans, so take that.

And honestly, I love having Resting Bitch Face. While my friends with a constant smile on their face are constantly being asked by people around us to snap photos or help with directions, I’m rarely bothered as I scowl through my day.

Still coming to terms with your Resting Bitch Face? Trust me when I say it is far more of a blessing than a curse. Check out just some of the perks of having RBF below.

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