This Couple Met On Snapchat, Got Engaged Via Skype, & Are Now Married

snapchat couple


People always want to know how you met your s/o. While there are some wildly romantic stories out there about being high school sweethearts or meeting at a party neither of them wanted to attend, most stories are kind of disappointing. My own parents met at the gym when my dad got in my mom’s way in the pool – and they lived happily ever after.

I wonder if Nathan, 18, and Gabrielle Treweek, 20, lied to their families about how they met considering it was on Snapchat and my dad wouldn’t even know what that means.

They first “met” in June 2014 when Gabrielle found his username on a humor website, Tickld. Gabrielle sent a snap – just a black screen with the words “Hello fellow Ticklr!”

“She sent me a snap at 11 p.m. U.S. Pacific time, waking me up at 7 a.m. UK time,” Nathan recently told The Tab. He responded with a selfie. “From there we stayed up talking with each other for hours on end. We never stopped video talking, then eventually Skyping continuously there after.”

Their romance grew from there, and before ever meeting face-to-face, Nathan popped the question via Skype. (Don’t worry – a ring arrived in the mail later that day, and he proposed again in person when they first met in person on a beach at sunset. It was during Gabrielle’s first trip to visit Nathan in the UK.)

Nathan told the Daily Mail, “It was difficult explaining to both families that we were a couple. Even harder when I proposed. Generally my family supported us, but had doubts that anything would ever last between us, telling me not to ‘get my hopes up’ as she may not be who I think she is.”

They two wed in September 2015 after Nathan moved to Seattle to live with Gabrielle. They broadcast the small ceremony to Nathan’s family via, what else?, Skype.

Who knew that selfies could lead to finding a soulmate?

Good luck, kids. We’ll wait a while before adding you to our Snapchat Fails.

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