27 Celebrities’ College Majors That You Never Would Have Predicted

john legend

It’s easy to think celebrities just coast through life on their fame, money, and good looks – plenty of them do. But if you can believe it, many A-listers┬ádreaded finals week just like you. Sure, the Kardashians might have skipped out on higher education, but plenty of celebs have lived in dorms and eaten dining hall food just like the rest of us.

While stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt put his career on hold to pursue a degree, others like Brad Pitt and George Clooney started school only to drop out to give Hollywood a shot. I think you know how those stories played out… (Hint, it’s better than whatever they would have done with their degrees in journalism, though I wouldn’t mind either of these gentlemen on my TV every night.)

Think these celebs are all beauty, no brains? Think again. Find out what celebs like Eva Longoria, Ashton Kutcher, and more studied during their time on campus.

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