Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift’s Hot Brother Cozying Up With Selena Gomez At The Grammys

austin swift selena gomez photo


The hottest couple on the Grammys red carpet last night was definitely Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, but is it possible that Selena and Tay’s younger brother would make the most adorable couple in Hollywood? Yes, it’s definitely possible.

Austin Swift and Selena took a photo together at the Grammy Awards, and the Internet collectively lost their minds. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few Pinterest boards entitled “Selena + Austin’s Wedding Ideas.”





It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard. There’s no one better to introduce you to your boyfriend than a close friend, and I could totally see T. Swift third wheeling on all of their dates.


But if Austin and Selena aren’t an item, I’m sure there’s plenty of girls totally down to swipe right on him for themselves.

The 23 year old is a student at Notre Dame University so he’s got some brains in addition to being gorgeous. Plus, this would definitely earn you some girls nights with Selena, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, and the rest of Tay’s famous friends.

Check out some hot photos of Austin Swift below.

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