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Maisie Williams Just Adopted A Puppy That’s More Adorable Than A Baby Dire Wolf

maisie williams

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What’s cuter than a baby dire wolf?

dire wolf

Literally nothing. But Game of Thones actress Maisie Williams’ new puppy definitely comes close.

Sonny has been in the family since the new year, but Maisie is just now sharing the cute little fur ball with the world.

She took to Instagram a few days ago to share his first photo on the road to Insta-fame writing,¬†“Adopted this little guy from Bristol Dogs and Cats home just after Christmas. Now that he’s finally settled, I wanted to show you all the best companion I could have asked for. If you are looking for a dog and you are in the position to rescue, rather than buy, then PLEASE do- you never know what you might find. @bristoldogsandcatshome. Instaworld meet Sonny #adoptdontshop

Check out more photos of Maisie and her new fur baby below.

Who said the cute pups don’t come from a shelter?

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.