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This Is Precisely Why Parents Can’t Be Trusted With Snapchat

woman shocked embarrassed phone


I’m adding this right to the top of our favorite Snapchat fails, but really what else would you expect when you hear your dad is using the app?

Parents are always trying to stay up to date with the latest social media – my mom just made an Instagram with a whole six followers (no exaggeration) and most of my Facebook feed consists of posts from people over the age of 50 – but this dad proves that Snapchat should be left to millennials who know what they’re doing.

While I (and his daughter) wish this dad just took a horrendous selfie, it’s so much worse.

Robyn Millen from the UK was catching up on her Snapchat world when she came across her dad’s Snap story, featuring a scandalous shot featuring his lower half. And yeah, everything’s showing.

snapchat fail dad

Instead of sending the nudie to his wife, Robyn’s dad made the classic mistake of adding it to his story for all of his Snapchat friends to see.

Robyn texted her dad to let him know, but he and mom didn’t seem to mind too much. (Guess he’s proud of what he’s packing?)

snapchat fail dad

snapchat fail dad

Guess they’re proud of what he’s packing. You go, Dad.

    Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.