Bloomsburg University Sorority Girl Practically Digs Her Own Grave With “No Bids For Ugly Girls” Post

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Uh oh – we have another deranged sorority girl on our hands.

This one comes to us from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania (but is not nearly as well spoken as Rebecca Martinson). The Phi Iota Chi sorority sister went on Facebook to post a warning to PNMs – if you’re not cute, don’t expect a bid from their sorority.

“I heard/know specific people are mad about how this voting process is going and honestly, I’m sick of sugar coating my responses to things being said. Yes we do base a lot of things of of looks. We want this sorority to still be the best when we leave this year & next year, and whether you chose to accept it or not, that does have a lot to do with looks. Look at Ast, they got weird looking girls and are going to shit because frats just don’t want to hang out with them and you shouldn’t want that to happen to us if we have control over it. But we do also look at personality. If a girls a raging bitch we don’t let her in, it’s happened plenty of times lol. People saying that we’re not all perfect looking, you’re right, but I haven’t exactly heard the nicest things coming out of people’s mouths lately either so don’t think your a saint just because you want nice girls during rush.”

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Um, file this under the “things you should probably never put in writing” category. Especially on social media. Did you really think this was going to go over well?

And also, apparently they do let in raging bitches.

Of course, this is the kind of thing people eat up so they can show how flawed Greek life is. But hey, there’s one of these at every school, and the girls who choose to join it are on their own. I was only in a sorority for three years, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than mixing with the hot frats? Unless I missed something. LMK!


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