Fairfield University Students Reportedly Had A “Ghetto-Themed” Party

I can’t believe things like this continue to happen in the United States in this day and age.

Fairfield University officials are currently investigating social media reports that a “ghetto-themed” party was held in a private, off-campus house this past weekend. The party has raised concern and fury on social media sites –  as it should. Fairfield University students should absolutely be ashamed of their student body for even having the idea for such a party.

Fairfield having a "ghetto themed" party and dressing up as pregnant women saying whose the father. SHAMEFUL

— Bella G (@Bguanc) February 22, 2016

students at Fairfield U had a "ghetto" themed party where people wore corn rows and carried colt 45 and wore baggy jeans……… SMFH

— kb (@sickxmachine) February 22, 2016

Officials at the Jesuit university are currently interviewing students who were reportedly involved with the party to figure out exactly what happened this past weekend.

In an email sent by Fairfield University President, Jeffrey P. von Arx, on Monday said that the theme of the reported party “perpetuated racial stereotypes that have no place in our community and only serve to offend and devalue people.”

The President, in response to the reported party, said that the university’s Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs will hold extended evening hours to talk to students related to the party. The student government association will also hold an emergency meeting to plan a student forum on the incident.

Jennifer Anderson, the university’s vice president of marketing and communications, made it a point to mention that even though the party happened off-campus, the students who live in the house are still held to the same code of conduct and behavior as those who live on campus.

Facebook/Mercy A. Quaye.

Despite the response the University has had to the reported party, people are still disturbed and outraged by the incident.

Anmol Tabussum, a Fairfield University sophomore, said that she was “aware of the party and [was] very disturbed by it.” She said, “It is truly disappointing to see my fellow students to behave in such a manner that mocks other race and socio-economic people from our community.

Tabussum states that the party’s theme is the antithesis of Jesuit values and is disgraceful.

Kate Rivera, a social justice advocate in Bridgeport, Connecticut, sent an email to Fairfield University President that stated “It is no secret that diversity is a huge issue at Fairfield and this party serves to further alienate students of color on your campus and sends a negative message to the community at large.”

You go to college to broaden your mind and meet different people. It seems that the students at Fairfield is doing the exact opposite of that. In the best case scenario, I wish for a world where “parties” like this did not occur. However, kicking those blatant racists right off of Fairfield’s campus will feel just as good.

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