COED Crowns A Winner For Miss COED 2016, Congrats Kendall Fuhrman- USC!

Our sister site,, set out to find America’s most awesome college girl nearly a year ago, and they’ve finally announced the winner! Kendall Fuhrman, a sophomore from the University of Southern California, has taken the crown.

This contestant beat out thousands of applicants through a series of rounds and has proven to be everything that Miss COED 2016 embodies- involved, smart, and outgoing. Oh, and I guess her looks certainly don’t hurt.

Yet Kendall is more than just a pretty face. The sophomore at USC is an International Relations Global Business major with emphasis in Marketing and a minor in French. Yikes; that’s a mouthful! In addition to her legit-sounding major, she’s also the Marketing/Sales Representative for White Pro Teeth, an intern at CMG worldwide, lived and studied abroad in France for a year, and got a 4.0 her fall 2015 semester.

Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Thanks to the friends, family, and readers who voted for her, Kendall is taking home more than just bragging rights. Some of her prizes include a brand new laptop, tablet, Vans sneakers, Locals USA flip flops, a personalized Miss COED 2016 USC tank top, a Something Strong backpack, a Summer Love Swimwear bathing suit…I could go on, but you get the idea.

Congrats, Kendall! 🎉

Jealous that you didn’t submit your application in the Miss COED 2016 competition? That’s understandable. No worries, though! Applications for Miss COED 2017 will open this spring!
Follow Kendall on Instagram and Twitter. Oh, and if you’re lucky, maybe she will accept your friend request on Facebook. 💁
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