Chelsea Handler Calls Kanye West “Delusional,” Predicts Public Mental Breakdown

Comedian Chelsea Handler, 40 is often the subject of controversy herself, but lately even Kanye West‘s antics have proven to be a bit too much.

The Chelsea Does Netflix star spoke to ET Canada about The Life of Pablo rapper who has seemingly lost his damn marbles lately…more so than usual.

“He’s not stable, he’s delusional and now he’ll have a mental breakdown in front of everybody,” Handler said. “Even though he’s been in this state for years.”

Or are we already witnessing a meltdown? After claiming he made Taylor Swift famous, announced that he’s running for POTUS in 2020, and lost his cool backstage at SNL, the public might be experiencing more than just his usual arrogance.

“Why is that surprising?” the comedian asked ET Canada’s Sangita Patel. “He’s acted like this for years.”

As for West’s $53 million debt claims and plea for money from Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg? “He’s probably trying to be funny,” explains Handler. “He thinks that’s funny.”

Yet his rants are far from funny…and Handler knows funny. “I’ve always thought he’s a maniac, and he just sounds like more of one,” she said.

Girl, PREACH. 👏👏

According to People, though, a source close to Kim K’s hubby said, “I haven’t felt personally concerned about his well being,” said West’s longtime friend. “Every time I talk with him – which is almost every day – he’s extremely good-natured, [and] in a great mood…”

Then again, how credible is a “source,” amiright? Yet if West is in fact having a meltdown, I hope he’d seek help for it.

On a completely unrelated note, Handler revealed another fun fact during the Canadian interview. Although previous reports claimed that Justin Bieber was Chelsea’s worst interview, he wasn’t. “No, he wasn’t my worst guest,” she admits. “I was just giving him crap because he’s silly.”

Ahh, celebrities. So much drama.

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