Tennessee Sigma Chi Becomes Instant Legend When He Brings A Porn Star To Parents’ Weekend Formal

cherry morgan frat formal photos

Cherry Morgan/Twitter

Remember that movie The Girl Next Door? I don’t remember exactly what happens, but I do remember a normal guy hooks up with a porn star and becomes a legend. Turns out that film wasn’t as far from fiction as we all though, as TFM found out yesterday.

Patrick Goswitz, a Sigma Chi bro from University of Tennessee – Knoxville messaged one of the TFM writers on Twitter. He brought a porn star to his frat formal and wanted to be featured on the site. Oh, and did I mention this wasn’t just a normal date party? It was Parent’s Weekend, meaning parents of the Sigma Chi brothers could attend as well.

Turns out, it was relatively simple. Patrick messaged adult film star Cherry Morgan from Knoxville on Facebook and asked her if she was interested in coming to the formal. Sure enough, she came! Luckily, his mom and dad skipped.

According to Patrick, his date was “really nice and fun.”



Obviously this was all a ploy to be featured on TFM, but it totally worked. Good on you, Pat.

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