14 Reasons Penn State Is So Obsessed With THON


Penn State University is known for plenty of things – some good, some not so good. Often it is famously noted for its unparalleled football and drinking culture, however, it’s not often enough that it’s recognized for serious commitment to philanthropy.

Being a current Penn State student myself, I can vouch for the fact that we Nittany Lions get seriously hyped for nearly everything (we’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?!). Needless to say, never in my days have I seen more passion for something amongst a group of individuals like I have when mid-February hits and it’s finally THON weekend.

For those of you who don’t know what Penn State’s Dance Marathon, or THON, is, let me be the first to inform you. THON just so happens to be the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. That’s right, the world. It is a no-sitting, no-sleeping 46 hour dance marathon that raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. So with that said, it’s pretty fair to allow our fellow Penn State pals to have at least some bragging rights.

If you already have heard of THON, chances are you’ve only heard amazing things. But if you’re still wondering, “Why is THON so great? What’s this hype all about?” this list is for you. Here’s 14 reasons Penn State is so totally obsessed with THON.

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