Adele’s Reaction To Seeing Lana Del Ray At The Brit Awards Is Too Cute

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Imagine you’re out to dinner and you see Adele. ADELE, aka the biggest singer in the world right now who doesn’t have to constantly lose her mind on Twitter to remind us of her greatness (looking at you, Kanye).

You’d probably be star struck and fangirl a little too much for your own good, but don’t worry – Adele gets it.

The singer had her own fangirl moment behind the scenes at the Brit Awards in London today. When she crossed paths with singer Lana Del Ray, she pretty much lost her cool. Luckily, someone was there to capture the moment on film.

This is @Adele's reaction when she saw Lana Del Rey. She's such a big fan 😂 #BRITs2016

— Cesco 😎🇮🇹 (@londonandreams) February 24, 2016

I’m pretty sure if a camera had captured Lana’s face at that exact moment, it would look pretty much the same.

But this is a huge problem because now I’m trying to figure out what song these two can duet on. Maybe that Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston song from The Prince of Egypt?

Anyway, Adele ditched her usual black attire for a gorgeous red dress with matching lipstick that made it clear all eyes should be on her. Check out more photos of Adele at the Brits below.

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