Adele Announces Support For Kesha During Brit Awards Acceptance Speech

It’s no surprise that Adele took home a Brit Award for the Best Solo Female Artist tonight. Her immense vocal talent aside, Adele is also known for one thing and that’s being fearless about speak her mind. This additional talent appeared at tonight’s Brit Awards when the singer, while accepting the award for Best Solo Female Artist, addressed Kesha‘s lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke.

Kesha alleges that Dr. Luke sexually, physically and verbally abused her during their time working together. On Friday, a judge denied Kesha’s request to record music with different labels during the duration of the lawsuit.

In the conclusion of her acceptance speech, Adele said, “I’d also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha.” This statement is incredibly bold because Adele is a Columbia artist – a record label that is currently held by Sony.

I can only imagine what the record label will have to say about the statement in the near future.

Adele has joined the ranks of other artists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Lorde and JoJo who have publicly given their support to Kesha. Taylor Swift, in fact, donated $250,000 to the singer to “help with any of [Kesha’s] financial needs during this trying time.”

You can watch Adele’s speech via YouTube below.

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Read Kesha’s Heartfelt Message To Her Fans And Other Victims Of Abuse
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