WATCH: The ‘Dear Fat People’ Chick Is Back To Slam Ashley Graham’s SI Swimsuit Cover

Nicole Arbour/YouTube

Nicole Arbour, the “comedian” who you might know better as the “Dear Fat People” chick who acts like a wannabe Jenna Marbles, was becoming irrelevant. So she decided to make a follow-up video, so creatively entitled “Dear Fat People 2,” to stir up a little more controversy and desperately extend her 15 minutes of fame.

This time around, Nicole is taking aim at Ashley Graham, the plus-size model currently on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

While most people are celebrating a little diversity in the type of body shown in the SI swimsuit issue, Nicole argues that this magazine is supposed to be full of models who are “the peak of physical perfection” and even though she’s plus-size, she’s Photoshopped.

Sure, Ashley’s Photoshopped – because this is a high-end magazine. No one is pretending she isn’t touched up. She doesn’t have to prove to us that she has a beautiful body.

Nicole actually trying to say Ashley Graham isn’t fit is a joke. Just check out her Instagram and it’s clear she spends a lot of time in the gym and watching her diet. And I’d like to know where it says the models in SI have to be “the peak of physical perfection” anyway.

Perhaps the most annoying part of this┬ávideo is that Nicole isn’t even funny.

As much as I hate to even give this bitch the time of day, you can watch the “Dear Fat People 2” video below.


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